After Builders Cleaning

after builders cleaningEvery place undergoes some repairs and refurbishments once in a while. This is a must, in order to keep the property in a proper condition. But these reconstruction projects usually create great inconvenience, related to thorough cleaning. After the builders leave your home, it is almost certain that the property will look like it was hit by a storm. Then we come with our after builders cleaning services, which we deliver in West London.

We want you to know that you are not alone and you don’t have to do all the cleaning on your own. Understandably, whenever you get your renovations, you want to enjoy your new, custom made space. However, there is one thing that prevents you from doing just that – cleaning after the construction workers. It is not an easy task and definitely should not be overlooked. All fine dust and dirt left behind can be dangerous for your health and what is more, it can take you days to get rid of them.

This is why we offer you this exclusive service. We provide our cleaning technicians with professional, powerful tools and detergents. It is important to remove all construction waste and dirt before you move back in. Rest assured, we use industrial vacuum cleaners and detergents that will rid you of all this and restore all surfaces and areas of the house that got affected by the renovations.

Our cleaning techs will leave state-of-the-art cleanliness in your property, regardless of its size. They are hard-working and meticulous people, who are competent to tackle the stubborn stains after the reconstruction. The combination of their organisational skills and passion for work will leave spotless results. We have also developed a system that helps us cover all areas. Here are some of the things you should expect:

  • We will vacuum all your carpets and upholstery. No matter how much you protect them, the fine construction dust finds its way. It is important that you clean your soft surfaces since their fibers collect a lot of dirt and hazardous waste. We use powerful industrial vacuum cleaners that help us reach the ultimate clean state of your furniture and carpets.
  • We will remove all dust, dirt and scuff marks from your wall, doors and floors. It is inevitable that you get your floors and walls dirty while renovating. These surfaces are more delicate and require special care when cleaning. We use powerful but gentle detergents that will clean all marks, without damaging their surface.
  • All fixtures and appliances will be dusted and cleaned to perfection. Layers of dust can be found on all home fixtures, furniture and appliances. We collect it with the powerful vacuum machine, then wipe them with a special solution that ensures full dust removal from their surface.
  • Cleaning your wooden shelves, baseboards and door frames. Wood is a delicate material and when cleaning it you have to be extra careful. We provide the cleaners with special solutions that clean and polish the wood, without scratching it.
  • Scrubbing all hard surfaces (tiles, brick etc.) Concrete, paint and grout are the things that usually make our hard surfaces dirty post construction. We will scrub all and use a special product that dissolves any leftover paint or other stubborn stains.
  • We will finish off by vacuuming and mopping all floors, leaving your place new and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy it shortly after the renovation project is done.

To enhance their efficiency at work, we equipped all members of our staff with all the required cleaning materials of top quality. They have all the professional tools and detergents, carefully selected for their power against the stains. Our performance is covered by a guarantee, which makes us the right choice.

Over the years we had hunger for knowledge and we have undertaken many projects, which we always accomplished successfully. We love to leave our customers more than satisfied with our performance. We strive to finish the job as soon and efficiently as possible, since you are, most probably, fed up with all the hassle of having builders and you look for peace.

The cleaning after the builders is a big project, which should be performed by professionals. That’s why we would like to welcome our customers in West London to benefit from our after builders cleaning services, which come with the following profits for you:

  • reputable provider with great customer database and immaculate background
  • Experienced and diligent cleaning techs
  • Great organisation of the cleaning sessions
  • Up-to-date cleaning materials, complied with the specify of the stains
  • Guarantee for the spick and span results
  • Sanitation of every reconstruction residue and rubbish removal
  • Tireless working schedule, which includes weekends and holidays
  • Fixed rates, complied with the size of the project
  • Full insurance and coverage of Health and Safety regulations

We are well-known for our attitude in our work. We treat our customers as part of our family and we accept their problems as our own. Our cleaning team will spare no effort in their drive to leave your property in the best condition. All members are highly experienced and professional. They have specialised in after-builders cleaning and really know what is best for the certain situation. They know how to approach any area or stain so you can fully trust them with your property. They will bring ultimate clean results in your home and save you a lot of time and effort.
We are willing to make our hands dirty and offload you from the heavy burden of cleaning. We are resilient in every aspect, which helped us to be the top provider of after builders cleaning services in all West London. Get in touch with our support center and learn more from our office agent. They will be there for you in every step of the process. Schedule a convenient appointment for you and we will bring back your home to life.

Here we answer some Frequently Asked Questions for you:

  • How soon after the construction can you come clean?
    Straight away! Just tell us when your construction workers are leaving and we can come right after and get on with the job.
  • Can you use my own equipment?
    We use professional industrial tools. This is because the type of dust and waste left behind construction projects cannot be cleaned with regular tools. All machinery and products we use on your premises are included in the price, so you don’t have to worry.
  • How long does it take?
    It really depends on the type of renovation you had done as well as the size of the area affected. Anywhere between 3 and 6 hours.
  • Do you dispose of construction rubbish?
    It is usually not included in the service, but we can do it upon request.