Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningTime to have your carpets professionally cleaned? We all know how hard it is to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets. No matter how much you try they are a highly used area. Cleaning them is also not an easy task and no matter how much you try, soap and water will not achieve much. Long gone are the times when you would have to bring your carpets to a place where they would get somewhat clean and receive them soaking wet. Nowadays, carpet cleaning happens right there in your house. We come over with some professional carpet cleaning tools and rid you of all dirt and stains that are found on your carpet. Do not hesitate and call us now. By choosing us you will receive a first class cleaning service, fast-drying carpets and a healthy environment. Our committed cleaners are available through West London every day of the week and they are competent enough to deal with all types of dirty carpets.

We strongly advice all our customers to avoid cleaning their carpets by themselves. This is because carpet cleaning is very specific. It requires a lot of knowledge about materials, carpet fibers and stains. Also about all products that you use and the chemicals found in them. This is so important because the different carpet materials react differently to stains and chemicals. Using the wrong detergent might not only make the stain permanent but also can cause damage to your carpet.

All professionals that perform the carpet cleaning service have a lot of experience and have gone through special training. They know all about carpet materials, stain removal techniques and methods, products and their efficiency on different fabrics. They use two main methods for cleaning carpets and we will tell you a bit about them below.
As carpets accumulate grime in a short period of time, our main objective is to ensure cleaning results that matter in the long run. We are currently using one of the most efficient methods for cleaning carpets and the good news is that it doesn’t involve any toxic cleaning materials. This is the steam cleaning method. Let us share some more information about this type of cleaning.

  1. As we mentioned above, knowing the type of carpet you are working with is of crucial importance. The first thing our technicians do is run multiple tests in order to determine the kind of materials your carpet is made of, as well as any stains that occur on it. The tests include a burn test and a pH test.
  2. After they figure that out, thorough vacuuming of the whole carpet service is done. It is important for the following steps that your carpet is free of all dust, dirt and hairs that are stuck on it.
  3. Then a special solution, chosen by the technicians specially for your particular type of carpet, is being applied on the highly-stained areas. This solution helps dissolve the dirt and grime and makes it easier for the steam extraction to remove them completely.
  4. Steam cleaning equipment is used by our cleaning technicians. This is a powerful tool that extracts hot steam (up to 120 degrees) and attacks the stains. It looks almost like a vacuum cleaner. This tool completely dissolves all stains and grime that is left on your carpets and leaves them perfectly clean and disinfected.
  5. Using a special tool, we extract up to 95% of the moisture left in your carpet. This way we speed up the drying process so you can use your carpet shortly after.

Here is some information about the other method that we use, namely the dry cleaning method.

This is a fairly new method, used for more delicate carpets and not so heavily-stained ones. It is obvious by the name of it – it does not involve your carpets getting wet during the process. After figuring out the type of carpet that you have, the technicians will vacuum the whole surface very thoroughly. This will ensure that no dust or dirt left on your carpet will dissolve and cause staining. After that a special dry cleaning solution in the form of foam or powder is applied to your carpet. The chemicals in this solution react with the grease in the stains and dissolve them. Since fat and grease are the components that make stains stick to your carpet fibers, this assures easy and efficient stain removal. This product is left on for a couple of hours and after that is removed with a special rotary machine that uses cotton pads, soaked in hot water.

You know that we are the right cleaning company to turn to because ever since our company was established, we have been collaborating only with trustworthy and motivated individuals. Our present team consists only of hard working cleaners with wide experience and excellent understanding of customer service. In order to contribute to the efficiency of their work, we supply them with the newest and at the same time non-toxic cleaning equipment. Hire one of them and you will be convinced of the quality of their work.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets for longer:

  • Vacuum them weekly (at least). Regular vacuuming of the carpets will prevent dust and grime to build up on them. This will result in your carpets looking cleaner, fresher, smelling better and being safer for your home. It will also decrease the chances of any health issues occuring due to a dirty carpet (such as asthma, skin irritations, kawasaki disease and others.)
  • Do not attempt cleaning your carpets on your own. As we mentioned earlier the lack of knowledge and correct products can result in permanent damage to your carpets. Save yourself the worries and effort and just call us. We will send a professional team to help you with your problem immediately.

Our company has hundreds of satisfied customers in West London. We give people not only carpet cleaning of high quality but also personal attention and a friendly approach. With our flexible working hours, everyone receives our professional help at a time that suits them best.

In case you have any additional questions about our professional carpet cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact our support center. Our office agents will be happy to assist you in any way, answer any of your questions, help you book a service and give you professional advice on any matter.

What do you win by turning to our company?

  • The best carpet cleaning available in West London
  • Weekend appointments without any additional fee
  • Environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment
  • A visit of a professional carpet cleaner at your preferred time frame
  • Discounted prices that fit your budget completely

Here we answer some Frequently Asked Questions for you:

  • Are all detergents you use safe for my children/pets?
    Yes! All detergents we use are top quality professional ones, extremely efficient in cleaning but also completely safe and non-toxic. All of them are also biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Can you clean any type of carpet?
    Yes, we work with a wide range of products that help us clean wool, polyester, cotton, acrylic, silk, viscose and many others.
  • How long does it take for my carpets to dry?
    Depending on the carpet material in hand, usually between 4 and 6 hours. Keep in mind that wool and wool blends might take longer.
  • Can you also clean my upholstery?
    Yes, we provide deep cleaning for upholstery as well. Check Upholstery Cleaning on our page.