Deep Cleaning

deep cleaningYou are planning to deep clean your home but every time you just don’t know where to start or some other chores prevent you from doing this? Then rely on our deep cleaning services and rest assured you will have bacteria-free and sparkling conditions at home. We operate for years in this industry and all the people in West London know us with our perfect results and friendly manner.

One of the main leading powers of our company is our workforce. All our cleaning experts are energetic and motivated to achieve only success in our job. We provide them with extensive training, through which they acquire the needed knowledge. We also provide them with the best professional products and equipment that is out on the market. This way they don’t only have the knowledge, but also the ability to approach any kind of dirt or staining, providing impeccable results to you.

The term deep cleaning of the house is the equivalent of the annual “Spring Cleaning” most of us perform. Definitely not a favourite activity to most people. However, deep cleaning your house at least once a year is extremely important in order to maintain the clean, healthy condition of the house, not to mention the looks of it. The essence of this type of cleaning is reaching areas of the house that one usually neglects when doing the regular weekly cleaning. This causes dirt and grime to build up and cause unpleasant odours, unclean appearance and health issues.

We have all the needed cleaning equipment, which is the latest on the market. Thanks to it, we are able to clean in the most efficient way, without wasting any time. We utilise chemical-free detergents, so that our cleaning won’t stuff your home with harsh toxins. They are extremely powerful when it comes to cleaning and we chose each one for the specific task we use it for. However, they are absolutely non-toxic, biodegradable and children and pet friendly.

To thoroughly sanitise your home is a challenging task which requires a lot of free time. But it is not worth it to spend your free time scrubbing the stains, while you can enjoy your beloved ones and still have the clean atmosphere you want. Just contact us and order our services. They include:

  • Reputable company with fully insured workforce
  • Meticulous and flawless cleaning techs, who are trained and qualified
  • Professional cleaning tools and eco-friendly detergents, safe for babies and pets
  • Top-to-bottom sanitation and disinfection of every nook of the property
  • Comprehensiveness to the personal needs and requirements
  • Cut-priced rates, that are easy on the budget
  • Flexible working hours, which are entirely of your convenience

Our deep cleaning focuses on every nook of your property, but also pays special attention to premises with higher traffic. That’s why the residents in West London prefer to hire us for that responsible task. Deep cleaning of carpets, kitchens and bathrooms are some of the main things we focus on. Whenever you decide it’s time for the deep cleaning of your home, you notice just how dirty your kitchen is, how much limescale has gathered all over your bathroom and how vacuuming your carpets weekly does not do much for the overall clean looks of them.
This is why we created a special checklist for the cleaners performing the deep cleaning service. You can see the main areas we work on when providing this service below:


  • all surfaces in your cooking area are degreased and disinfected ( stove top, counter top etc)
  • all other surfaces (tiles, wooden or glass) are washed, wiped and disinfected
  • the sink and taps are descaled, cleaned and disinfected
  • all your kitchen appliances are cleaned inside and out
  • your cupboards and shelves are decluttered and cleaned
  • kitchen floor is vacuumed, washed and mopped
  • kitchen table and chairs are cleaned and disinfected


  • bathroom sink and taps are descaled, washed and disinfected
  • shower taps, head and hose are descaled, washed and disinfected
  • toilet and its seat are rid of limescale, scrubbed thoroughly, washed and disinfected
  • wash basin or shower cabin are cleaned, wiped and disinfected
  • all tiled surfaces cleaned of hard water stains, polished and disinfected
  • all mirrors and glass surfaces are cleaned, polished and left spotless
  • bathtub or jacuzzi washed and disinfected
  • drain is cleaned of hairs and grime
  • bathroom floor is vacuumed and mopped
  • all shelves and cupboards are decluttered and cleaned

Living room and Bedroom:

  • all carpeted surfaces, upholstery and curtains are vacuumed thoroughly (including under and behind furniture and upholstery cushions)
  • carpet and upholstery deep cleaning is performed if needed or upon request
  • all surfaces, shelves and furniture is dusted and wiped
  • all wardrobes, cupboards and shelves are decluttered and cleaned
  • decorations and ornaments are dusted and cleaned
  • all mirrors, framed pictures and windows are dusted and washed
  • all wooden surfaces are dusted and polished
  • hard floors are vacuumed and mopped

The deep cleaning in your home is of high importance for the good look of your property, but also for your health. We will send a team of cleaning experts, who will start with the job straight away, saving all the hassle.

With us, the cleanliness of your home should not pinch your thoughts. Get advantage of our deep cleaning services in West London by a phone call. Our friendly office representatives will explain everything to you in detail and provide you with a personal estimate for free. They will hear about your situation and give you advice on what is best for you. Make sure you share any details about the job in hand so they are able to send the best cleaners for your project.

Here we answer some Frequently Asked Questions for you

  • How long does deep cleaning take?
    Depending on the size of your property, usually between 4 and 8 hours.
  • Do I have to be there?
    No, you have to provide access to the premises and you can go out and enjoy your free time. Our staff is highly experienced and professional so you don’t have to worry about leaving them in your house.
  • Do I have to provide anything (detergents, equipment etc.)?
    All cleaners come fully-equipped with professional tools and products. This is included in the price so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Do you use strong chemicals when deep cleaning?
    Yes, only when we need to. We try to avoid using strong chemical solutions but sometimes it’s unavoidable. However, we only use products that are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about your health being in jeopardy.
  • If I’m allergic to a certain chemical, can you avoid using it?
    Absolutely, customer safety is one of our main priorities. We work with a wide range of products and detergents so just make sure you tell your booking agent about your allergy in advance. This way they will find an alternative and the cleaners will not use any product containing this chemical on your premises.

We operate from Monday to Sunday, which is the best match to all of your time constraints.
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