Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaningRestore the look of your upholstered furniture and benefit from our cleaning services, which are available for all West London. We are more than capable of treating the fragile surface of all of your upholstered furniture, no matter of size and colour. All the fabric materials are our specialty, so revive the glory of your furniture with us.

The cleanliness of your upholstery is part of the welcoming atmosphere at your home. It is not an easy task to clean your upholstered furniture at home. It requires a lot of skills, knowledge and special products and equipment in order to reach the desired results. Get rid of the annoying and nasty stains and extend the life of your piece of furniture by benefiting from our services. All cleaning technicians that spesialise in upholstery cleaning are well-trained for the job, have a lot of experience behind their backs and are using the best professional equipment on the market.

You can trust them with all your upholstered furniture. They work with a wide range of products that allow them to treat all kinds of fabrics and materials – silk, wool, synthetics, acrylic, cotton, velvet and more.

It is important that the cleaning method and products are chosen according to the materials used on your upholstery. Different fabrics react differently to certain stains and products. It is important to know how to approach the particular situation in order to provide great results and not cause any damage.
We acquired great knowledge in how to perform that task in the many years of our work. We launched our company with the main idea to show people the importance of sanitising the upholstery. Even if it looks stainless, it doesn’t mean that it is not stuffed with bacteria and mites. This is why we use steam cleaning for your upholstery. Not only it cleans all stains and dirt but it also disinfects the surface and kills all microbes.

The steam cleaning method we use goes like this

  1. As we mentioned above, knowing the type of fabric you are working with is of crucial importance. The first thing our technicians do is run multiple tests in order to determine the kind of materials your upholstery is made of, as well as any stains that occur on it. The tests include a burn test and a pH test.
  2. After they figure that out, thorough vacuuming of the whole surface is done. It is important for the following steps that your upholstery is free of all dust, dirt and hairs that are stuck on it.
  3. Then a special solution, chosen by the technicians specially for your particular type of upholstery material, is being applied on the highly-stained areas. This solution helps dissolve the dirt and grime and makes it easier for the steam extraction.
  4. Steam cleaning equipment is used by our cleaning technicians. This is a powerful tool that extracts hot steam (up to 120 degrees) and attacks the stains. It looks almost like a vacuum cleaner. This tool completely dissolves all stains and grime that is left on your upholstery and leaves it perfectly clean and disinfected.
  5. Using a special tool, we extract up to 95% of the moisture left.This way we speed up the drying process so you can use your upholstered furniture shortly after.

Here is some information about the other method that we use, namely the dry cleaning method.

This is a fairly new method, used for more delicate fabrics and not so heavily-stained ones. It is obvious by the name of it – it does not involve your upholstery getting wet during the process. After figuring out the type of upholstery that you have, the technicians will vacuum the whole surface very thoroughly. This will ensure that no dust or dirt is left on the surface that might dissolve and cause staining. After that a special dry cleaning solution in the form of foam or powder is applied to your upholstery. The chemicals in this solution react with the fats in the stains and dissolve them. Since fat and grease are the component that makes stains stick to your fabric, this assures easy and efficient stain removal. This product is left on for a couple of hours and after that is removed with a special rotary machine that uses cotton pads, soaked in hot water.

In this type of cleaning not only the skills matter, but also the professional equipment. That’s why pur cleaning techs are supplied with the latest, most efficient cleaning tools and detergents, which are absolutely chemical-free for the sake of your health. We also apply the so-called “Scotchgard Protector”, which prevents any further harsh stains. It is water resistant and prevents spills from soaking deep in your carpet, causing serious stains. It also protects your surface from scratches and general damage.

We are a company, renowned with our perfect results. We count on an immaculate cleaning team, which consists of knowledgeable and hard-working people. All of them are fully insured and vetted, so don’t be afraid of any possible pitfalls. We put every effort to erase every trail of stain and dirt, and we disinfect to eliminate all the allergens. Your furniture is professionally taken care of, without any risk of damages. After we clean, we always make sure that our customers are happy with the performance, otherwise we won’t leave, until we achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your upholstery clean and fresh for longer:

  • Treat all upholstery like a carpet – vacuum it at least once a week. Make sure you vacuum under and between the cushions as well. This will prevent dirt and dust from building up on the upholstery surface. It will prevent some health issues from occurring and will prolong the life of your favourite furniture.
  • Do not attempt any cleaning at home. First, any stain cleaning solutions on the internet are not very likely to work. Then, as we mentioned before, knowing the materials that you are working with, as well as the products and chemicals you are using is of crucial importance. You are risking not only making the stain permanent but also damaging the surface of your upholstery.

Rely on our experience for a fresher and more welcoming atmosphere in your home or office. Our cleaning techs will arrive on the dot of the appointment, ready with all the cleaning supplies. They are all uniformed, so that you can easily recognize them. In a flash, they will erase every trail of dirt, disinfect and deodorize, leaving the valuable upholstered furniture in state-of-the-art condition.

Book our upholstery cleaning services, which are available every day in West London. Don’t compromise with the cleanliness in your home, because our rates are more than inexpensive and the quality is beyond any limits. Give us a call and our approachable representatives will provide you with no-obligatory personal quote for free. We are waiting to hear from you!

Here we answer some Frequently Asked Questions for you:

  • Are all detergents you use safe for my children/pets?
    Yes! All detergents we use are top quality professional ones, extremely efficient in cleaning but also completely safe and non-toxic. All of them are also biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Can you clean any type of upholstery?
    Yes, we work with a wide range of products that help us clean wool, polyester, cotton, acrylic, silk, viscose and many others.
  • How long does it take for my upholstery to dry?
    Depending on the material in hand, usually between 4 and 6 hours. Keep in mind that wool and wool blends might take longer.
  • How often should I clean my upholstery?
    We recommend deep cleaning of the upholstery at least once a year, depending on how often it is used and how much dirt is accumulated on it.