End Of Tenancy Cleaning West Ham E15

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Price
Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Flatfrom £139
Two Bedroom Flatfrom £165
Three Bedroom Flatfrom £189

    “Given the condition of the property, it was highly necessary to hire a professional cleaning company at the end of the tenancy. Your prices seemed fine and call your support centre. The cleaners visited me on the next day and I need to admit that they did a great job. Many thanks.”

    “I had so many things to do at the end of the tenancy. If it wasn’t for your cleaners I wouldn’t present the property in such an impeccable condition. The fellows worked hard for several hours and the final result was great. Highly recommended end of tenancy cleaning.”

    Everyone who is moving out soon and needs a little extra help with cleaning up the property can come to us. We are a reliable service with a team who has been working in the West Ham industry for a very long time.

    If you decide to land on us we will do our best to deliver excellent quality. Our service is available for landlords as well. We will make sure that the next people who view for a property instantly fall in love with what you are offering.

    This season has been prosperous as we have made sure that every client is satisfied

    It all kicks off when a client call us. They are introduced to the service as our team guides them through the entire process from hiring of the end of tenancy cleaning service to its completion. Every new client needs to go through this process so that they are certain weather or not they want to hire us.

    For an frequently asked questions surrounding the West Ham area, we make sure to provide all of the needed answers. It is our priority to insure that the client knows exactly what they are paying for.

    When the end of tenancy cleaning service is booked, our cleaning team is notified and they make sure to arrive right on time. The client needs to be impressed throughout every step of the service, and arriving on time is one of those important steps.

    Upon the arrival of the cleaning team, work begins right away. They first start off with general tasks that cover every room of the property. In no particular order they vacuum the carpets and upholstery; wash the floors; wash the windows, mirrors and any other glass object; thoroughly clean up dust, spider webs and so on.

    After that, would follow sanitizing areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Everything in these areas is thoroughly cleaned inside and out without missing even the more obscure areas.

    • All products used by our team are healthy and environmentally friendly.
    • The cleaning team has tackled every possible challenge.
    • The client gets the full service for the price they pay from the start.
    • All clients receive equal quality service.